AED53: Teaching the Human Body

Today was something very different from the usual! My sister is currently working on her Masters at UofT in Education, and she asked me to help her out with creating some sort of poster board that she could add information to in order to teach about the human body to sixth graders.

What we ended up creating was this human body with the different systems in different colours. All of the different systems are removable so that she can talk about each as she places them into the body. Really, really pleased with how this ended turning out!



AED48: Wizarding World!

I had the fantastic opportunity to go back to Universal Studios in Orlando with some classmates during reading week! Unfortunately, this meant I only had time to do 1 drawing over the vacation – we spent a ton of time walking around, and I was exhausted each night, so instead, enjoy some photos as well as a drawing of a building in Disney Springs!




AED45: Bricks!


Please excuse the awful nails. I actually really like the way all the different brick colours ended up looking. Not so sure about the door itself, but at least I got the bricks looking the way I wanted them to look! Final piece is going to take a lot longer than I’m expecting… but more on that to come later on!