AED31: Tiny Hearthstone & January Recap



Sometimes I really enjoy making really tiny things like really tiny Hearthstone.

Today marks 31 days of artwork in a row! I don’t necessarily do only 1 item a day – especially days with calligraphy practice, so the total pieces are more than 31. Some quick facts about the past 31 days:

  • From most to least: 11 calligraphy practice, 8 pieces of pixel art, 6 watercolor pieces, 3 cross stitch days, 3 baking days, 2 drawings, 2 days of working on my website, and 2 days of “other” (ie the Dashboard and I-Tried posts)
  • ShowMeYourDrills started this month, so it made sense that it was the most popular thing I did this month
  • Several days it was 11:30pm and I realized I hadn’t done anything yet and rushed something really quick (usually calligraphy practice…)
  • I’ve started several pieces but never did a part two (the MDM dashboard and website coding comes to mind…)

Next month’s focus: More calligraphy (ShowMeYourLetters!), more pixel art -> cross stitch pieces, and coding the website (!!!)


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