Art Every Day – Days 1&2

I’m going to be attempting art every day this year! First two days were posted on Instagram and I realized I should probably be blogging about the process too.

Some things I’m interested in improving this year:

  • Lettering and Calligraphy
  • Pixel art which can double as cross stitch patterning
  • 3D Model rendering

Day 1 was a wedding card for two of my good friends’ wedding. I went through many, many, many revisions, but this was the final version which I’m very happy with. It’s pretty small (look at the size of the paint pans next to it!) but I thought it ended up being pretty adorable and elegant. I unfortunately only took a few photos of it surrounded by my paint, so there’s no photo of just the card itself, oops!


Started with a pencil outline of a circle and a cross to find the center. The rest was free-handed with a .45 Micron and painted with my Prima Marketing water colours Decadent Pies set.

Day 2 was writing out my resolutions for myself! I don’t usually outright say what my resolutions are, so part of the piece is cropped out.


Started with the main text in pencil at first and then a Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip pen. First time I tried this pen and I’m very very pleased that it was water resistant. The flowers and everything else was free-handed with Prima Marketing water colours Decadent Pies set again (this set will probably make a regular appearance because it’s so easy to pop open and work with).

I haven’t decided if I’ll be posting EVERYTHING on my Instagram, but definitely the ones I like, and I definitely will be posting them on my blog at the very least! 🙂


What do you think?

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