More meal prep

Did a usual week’s long meal prep, but this time had a fellow meal prepper with me! Of course, my meals are the bottom 2 rows, and his are the reaally boring couscous, vegetables, and sausage.


From the third row, left to right, and once again, it was a vegetarian prep week for me!


Berry chia-seed yogurt parfaits with granola, hemp hearts, and grounded flax seeds. Right in the middle is just eggs with cheese, and strawberry with chocolate chip BuffBake. Underneath from left to right are vegetarian ‘chicken’ burgers with arugala, tomatoes, swiss cheese, onions, and mushrooms. Next is honey glazed tofu with kale, and sweet potatoes. Finally, we have cold black bean pasta with avocado, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

IMG_1861 copy

Sous-chef Mackenzie was chilling in the kitchen, making sure we didn’t screw up.


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