Black Bean Spaghetti and a Mini-Week’s Meal Prep

I bought the black bean spaghetti from Whole Foods a week ago, but finally got the chance to make it for dinner! I decided to eat it cold, toss it in an avocado “sauce”, add in some sauteed mushrooms and onions, and top it off with parm cheese and baby tomatoes!


It tasted pretty good!! It actually tasted pretty close to real pasta (although I won’t lie, I was prettttyy hungry when I finally got to eat). I’ll have to try to try it hot sometime, although it was good. The macros as mentioned previously are very very protein friendly. For 1 serving of 56g, it’s 2g fat, 17g carbs, and 25g protein, so it fits in beautifully.



Since I had Monday off this week for Family Day, I only needed to meal prep for 4 days this week. Super easy, although I spent the entire Family Day weekend looking for mason jars without finding any. Here’s the lunches and breakfasts!


Once again from the top left is steel cut oats with chocolate peanut butter cup protein powder and strawberries. To the right of that is the black bean spaghetti with avocado, mushrooms onions, and tomatoes as seen earlier in this post. Two chia seed yogurt parfaits with all the usuals – greek yogurt, strawberries, frozen berries, maca powder, protein powder, flax powder, granola, and hemp hearts. In the middle is a “chicken” veggie burger (post upcoming!). At the very bottom are two containers of honey glazed tofu, sweet potatoes, and a big serving of kale.

Yum! And if you inspect carefully, this was a vegetarian meal prep week! 🙂


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