Whole Foods Haul

I went and did a grocery haul at Whole Foods! Since I already had all my basic groceries (protein, vegetables, potatoes, cereal, etc.), this haul was a special snacks + condiments haul. I really tried to stick to buying things that I can’t get anywhere else.


So here it is in all its glory, from left to right in the back!

  • Grounded flax seeds – for smoothies, fruit, and munching
  • Hemp hearts – see above
  • Simply Protein chips – a snack I found for fun
  • Black Bean spaghetti – pasta made out of black beans – aka a great protein source
  • Smoked salmon – it’s delicious
  • FlaxDelight – I really wanted to try flax milk, but couldn’t find any, so decided to try this flax fortified beverage
  • Real Canadian maple syrup – almost out of maple syrup!
  • Honey – also almost out of honey
  • Strawberries
  • Mixed berry fruit
  • NATUR Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • David’s Mediterranean rub – for meats!
  • Cliff Builder’s protein bar
  • Two avocados


In case you can’t tell from the photo, I already tore into this bag while at work before taking my haul photo, and man, these were delicious. The macros were crazy, and they were just the right amount of saltiness to curb that chip craving, but with crazy protein macros. Would absolutely buy them again, but my only wish is that they came in larger bags instead of snack sizes. 😦 The environment and I beg you, SimplyProtein.


Been looking for new spices and rubs for my meats and chicken, and this one looked interesting – will be writing up a post when I use it to make dinner!


Ever since I saw Brian Turner eat them during the Youtube house, I’ve been scouring grocery stores for them and finaaally found it. The macros are INSANE on these and that’s because the pasta is actually made out of black beans (which have really great protein amounts).  For 1 serving of 56g, it’s 2g fat, 17g carbs, and 25g protein!! Also really looking forward to making this sometime.

I’ve tried the peanut butter, and it tastes AMAZING. Sometimes I forget good expensive peanut butter tastes.

And that’s it! I spent a lot of money, but am really looking forward to trying all the different things out.


What do you think?

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