Meal Prep and Meatballs!

Today’s meal prep took way, way longer (total time of 2.5 hours) than expected because I didn’t realize that 1.44kg (aka 3.1lbs) of beef would make THAT many meatballs, but as it turns out, that’s a lot of meat.


A very quick run down of the ingredients in this batch:

  • 1.44kg ground beef
  • 175g Blue Menu Mushroom & Garlic tomato sauce
  • 191g zucchini
  • 16g parsley
  • 63g tomato (it was just what I had left, so I threw it in)
  • 113g red onion
  • 44g garlic
  • 130g bread crumbs
  • 20ml olive oil for frying

When forming each meatball, I put the whole pot of meat mixture on the scale, hit tare, and grabbed ~50g so the macros were equal for all of the meatballs.  I ended with 48 meatballs with macros of 8c, 2f, 4p each.



It was a pretty arduous process, chopping up/processing all of the vegetables, mixing everything, forming meatballs, browning them in the pan (which didn’t work as nicely as I had hoped), baking them in the oven, draining the oil, and then finally packing them all up.


After making meatballs, I still had to meal prep for the next day (which needed to include a packed dinner, which made things a lot more difficult to balance), and after much much fiddling, I found a nice mix of food that I wanted to eat but also fit my macros beautifully at the same time.


I haven’t quite decided when I’m eating each part, although the current plan is to eat the yogurt and most of the egg white + bagel for breakfast, the meatball lunch box for lunch (with the ryvita cracker as my ‘dessert’), and then the breakfast box + any leftovers from the bagel box for dinner.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.36.29 AM.png

The macro process took forever today, at once point I was eating 4 eggs to make protein for the day, but once I realized I could just eat greek yogurt for breakfast instead of more eggs, it worked out pretty well. Originally, I was also playing with the idea of eating the meatball lunchbox twice today, but I really don’t like eating the same thing twice in a week, let alone twice in a week. Definitely a longer challenge than usual, but I’m glad it worked out.



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