Last Saturday I completed my first Spartan Sprint along with 7 of my other friends! It was a hot day, a high of 27° C and a low of 18° C, and our heat started at 11:30AM, meaning we were out in the sun right at noon. We arrived at around 9:30AM, got our headbands, and started getting hyped up!


The Spartan Race consists of about 5km (although on our day, I heard that the official measure was closer to 5.5-6km), and about 15 obstacles. The obstacles varied from climbing over bales of hay, climbing up rope structures, crawling through mud, to some Spartan Run classics like the rope climb, spear toss, and fire jump. Each time you fail an obstacle or choose to not do one, the race requires you to complete 30 burpees. Our particular race was located at Ski Brimacombe, a mountain just outside Toronto, and so one of the biggest obstacle was actually the terrain – hills upon hills upon hills.

Overall, I ended up doing a total of 150 burpees in just under 2 hours. The obstacles I failed were the rope climb, spear toss, wall traverse, monkey bars, and the second monkey bar rig. The race overall was long, but a lot of fun. Some of the more memorable moments – crawling through a long mud path underneath barbed wire, climbing over a really high rope net, and jumping down from a 7ft wall.

Prior to the race, I did some basic weightlifting (squats, deadlifts, etc.), and a tiny bit of running. However, I broke my foot back in April and was worried because I lost a month of training. I hardly did any running beforehand, and this affected me most during the race. The amount of cardio is surprisingly hard, especially when you have to complete 30 burpees every time you fail something.


I’m seriously so proud of my whole team for completing the entire race, and sticking it out through all the sun and mud.

Things I would do differently next time

  • Start training sooner – I started actually training with Spartan-Run focused exercises only about 2 weeks prior to the race. Without a doubt, I could have done better if I had more time training
    • Related to the above, I wish I was able to practice doing both the rope climb, and spear throw, prior to the day of the race.
  • Wear sunscreen – we totally forgot to bring sunscreen and got burnt really bad.
  • Wear compression socks – my calves were killing me the next few days

Overall, it was a fantastic experience – I’m definitely hoping to do it again next year, so if you’re interested, send me a message! 🙂



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