It’s a fine time for Fine Arts

During my final term I finally got the chance to take a first year Fine Arts course, which was honestly, one of the best courses I took during my undergraduate degree. A brief collection of my work during that time. 🙂 Most of the pieces were done in one or two sessions of about two hours.

Warning: Naked people ahead!

Paper collage of girl – Ink, newsprint paper
Although I was really, really tired when I worked on this, and getting extremely frustrated at the scissors and glue, I’m really happy with the way it ended up turning out.

Folded paper cranes – White contè and chalk on black paper
I wish I wasn’t so heavy handed with the white on the fabric in the background, every time I look at it, I wish I rubbed out a lot more from the background so that the cranes would stand out more.

Naked male model sitting – White contè and chalk on grey paper
The front leg is awfully short, and the stomach is kind of bulgy. The head’s a bit small, as is the neck… It’s good to note that this was one of the earlier drawings I did during the course though, so I hadn’t practiced enough at this time.

Naked woman model – Black contè and chalk on grey paper
The last in-class model session! Very pleased with how all of this turned out – the chair legs I should have finished up, and the lighting on her boob is awfully strange, but I’m really happy with the proportions overall.

Magazine paper collage (colour study) – Magazines, glue
Final project of the class! Had to make four collages of using different colour groups: I chose analogous, complementary, triadic, and monochrome. Also pleased with the way everything turned out in the end.

If you get the chance, you should really try to take a fine arts course.  It’s lots of fun, and you get to do something creative and challenge your skills every single class. It’s unlike any other course I took during university because every single class you needed to preform at your best.

Shout out to Holly & Jessie, my studio buddies! ❤


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