Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

No worries, no spoilers! 🙂

So after buying the game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, ages and ages ago during a Steam sale, I finally found some time to play through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and man, is it beautiful.


The game follows and older and younger brother as they go to the Tree of Life to get water for their dying father. What’s unique about this game is the controls – you use a game controller and each joystick controls one of the brothers. This means a lot of coordination between your left and right hand, and sometimes, trying to move them can be preeetty frustrating to be honest.

The game doesn’t use any dialogue other than gestures and a Sim-like language of gibberish. When you play, you just watch and figure out what’s happening with the visuals and body language.

Even though the game’s preetty short (I played through the whole thing in just under 2 hours, although not with all the achievements), it’s absolutely worth it. All of landscapes are absolutely stunning, and some of the puzzles are really clever too. The characters actually grow and develop (Yay character development!) despite the lack of dialogue, and much of the scenery leaves a lot of questions and you wish you could find more answers even though that’s not really the point of the game.

The controls make the game fun to figure out because you learn very quickly that you often need to control both brothers in different ways. The ending bit makes an absolutely FANTASTIC use of the controls, combining story into the actual game play which was an absolutely delight so a big congratulations to Starbreeze Studios.

Seriously, you should try out this game.


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