Three episodes into Gotham. S01E03

Seeing as I skipped the second episode, here’s a quick recap of what I thought: holysmokes a ton of violence, Selina was a fun character to follow around Gotham, and not too shabby for episode 2! I do realize that this post’s late as well, but it’s been super busy.

Dude how fricken RICH is Detective Gordon!?

Episode three! I’m having a hard time believe this show is only rated TV14, but hey, I guess ratings are not really paid attention to anymore anyways. I almost feel like the show’s trying a little too hard to paint Gordon as a good guy, and everyone else as evil – shoving it down my throat a little.

This episode features the first longer interaction between Bruce and Alfred with their little sparing scene. I’m enjoying the way the two actors bounce off each other is pretty great. Also, the way Alfred treats Bruce is actually fantastic.

The special effects took me out of the show… hard. It just looked ridiculously fake to me this episode. 😦 It’s too bad that they build such rich sets and environments, and then some awkward CGI ruins it all. You’ll be able to tell pretty well what I’m talking about when you watch it. Something about the lighting looks wrong.

Gordon’s “Oh I the answer!” seemingly random way of solving problems multiple times this episode seemed like a bad cop out (harhar), and I wish they could have resolved the problems better.

Due to the horrid CGI, I’m only giving this 2 Batmans out of 5. Only thing that keeps this afloat is the beautiful cinematography and Alfred and Bruce’s relationship.


What do you think?

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