Gotham – S01E01 Thoughts

The contrast all over the Pilot episode is beaaautiful.
The contrast all over the Pilot episode is beaaautiful.

I wrote about it before, and it’s finally here! Heller’s Gotham premiered tonight! 🙂 This post is spoiler free!

As mentioned, Gotham is the story of Batman before he becomes Batman, Jim Gordon before he’s Jim Gordon, Penguin before he is Penguin, Poison Ivy before she’s Poison Ivy! It’s a mash up of my two favorite things – Batman and origin stories, and it’s finally done in a long-enough format that things can be fleshed out (ie. a TV show vs. a movie).

At a glance, the Pilot episode was visually beautiful. The scenery and atmosphere of Gotham feels quite surreal, and has an intense comic-book feel to it, while remaining modern. The lights had a very glow-y feel to them, and it made everything feel like it was pulled out of a comic book drawing. There were times when the city felt a little fake to me, the background was a little too washed out for my liking and looked a little too unrealistic for my liking.

The characters (in particular, Penguin) have a very real-life feel to them, while remaining remaining faithful to the comic books which is nice. A great balance of action and balance, and the pacing felt smooth too. I didn’t look at the time at all, and just wanted to watch more. The filming was well varied and smooth, minus the few shots of my filming pet peeve: first person action shots.

Overall, I enjoyed it. As a starting episode for a new TV series, its does quite well for introducing the main characters, giving us an overview of the feel and atmosphere of the city, and giving us a peak at what kind of style they’re going for.

I give it 4.5 Batman logos out of 5 because of the damn first-person action shots.

PS. Minor Spoiler: Why is the milk container that Selina Kyle steal already 95% empty when she feeds the cat? It definitely didn’t feel like any time had passed when she climbed back down the rooftop. Did she chug it while running across rooftops? More investigation into this later.



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