Back to Gotham’s origins

As per my Imprint article (soon to be uploaded):

After Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012, not much has been happening in the city of Gotham. Luckily for Batman fans everywhere, The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller is bringing us back to a much earlier time in Gotham – to Bruce Wayne’s childhood. The new series focuses on Detective James Gordon’s quest to solve the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Bruce’s parents). Present throughout the series are the origin stories of several villains – Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, and the Riddler included. FOX bypassed the traditional pilot model and ordered 16 episodes of Gotham for the first season. Its VOD rights have already been sold to Netflix, so look for a release on your red machine soon.

Seeing as I only had about 100 words (alright, so that’s 121 words up there), there wasn’t much space to say why exactly I’m so excited for this show, so here goes!

First of all, it’s Batman! Batman has always been one of my favourites: a tragic, tragic story of a boy who witnesses his parents’ death. In some comic book versions, it’s indirectly his fault, but in the end (spoiler alert) Martha and Thomas are dead. What I love about Heller’s Gotham though is the fact that we’re staying in Bruce’s childhood instead of jumping to his dark and broken adult character. Due to this, James Gordon is only a lowly detective in the Gotham police force, and we’ll get to grow with him as he tries to balance on that ever thin blade of morality and honour in Gotham.

Of course, this means that we’re going to get to see more of his origin story, and origin stories are absolutely my favorite to read (The Killing Joke, anyone?). FOX released a 22 minute preview of the TV series, and during it most of the focus was on the Penguin. Robin Taylor looks like he’s going portray the Oswald Cobblepot (his pre-Penguin character) fantastically, and I’m excited to see where all of his madness and nuances comes from. In addition, the new character, Fish Mooney (portrayed by Jada Pinkett Smith) was designed specifically for this new TV series and appears to be a cruel, but perfectly evil boss of Oswald. Featured also in the preview as well as the trailer is Selina Kyle (pre-Catwoman) as a much younger character sneaking around Gotham, so that’ll be exciting to see as well.

Just to rattle off the origin stories that we’ve been told that will be featured at some point: Catwoman, Posion Ivy, Penguin, the Riddler, Harvey Dent, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, and best of all, the Joker! Of course, we don’t know if they meant they’ll cover all of these characters in this very limited and short 16-episode run for season one, but one can only hope, right?

We’re all pretty used to Michael Caine’s wonderful portrayal of Alfred, but the new one (according to the 22 minute preview anyways), is supposed to be much grittier and is more about raising Bruce and helping him become a man.

Gotham in Gotham is beautiful. They took New York, added the gargoyles, added the atmosphere, added the crime and the brokeness of Gotham, and it’s absolutely visually stunning. I just can’t wait until we get to explore the city more with Gordon and Bruce.

Finally, it’s separate from the movies! This is awesome because as fantastic as Nolan’s movies were, I want to see a different view on the universe.

Gotham is set to premier on September 22nd – less than 2 weeks away!


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