A new semester, but also, the final one.

It’s been a crazy 4 years since I’ve moved out here and now I’m already in my final term. Earlier today I turned to one of my friends (since first year!) in class as the professor was telling us his plans for the term, and said to him, ‘It’s almost as if we’re supposed to be creative and smart… How did we get to fourth year?!” It’s crazy how quickly time has moved and I can’t believe that I’m nearing the end of my degree!

After all this time here, what am I (supposed) to end up with on my degree? I have a Bachelor of Arts, English – Rhetoric and Professional Writing major, Digital Arts Communication minor, with a designation in Arts and Business… I think. For my final term, I only have to take three courses: FINE 100 – Studio Fundamentals, DAC 308: Cinematic Art and Practice, and ENGL 408C: The Rhetoric of Digital Design: Theory and Practice.

FINE 100: Studio Fundamentals

I’m not going to lie, it’s surprising how much work and thought it actually takes to take a fine arts course. I’ve been to 2 classes so far, and both times, it’s definitely a different kind of focus than listening in a lecture. It’s almost as if you have to focus all your creative and focus energy at once on this piece of art, and it’s actually really tiring. Also, the idea/sketchbook that you’re suppose to actively fill and work on throughout the term is really daunting but I’m glad that now I actually have a push to do something creative every few days in order to add to my sketch book. Also, love all my new supplies and my portfolio too! I’m super excited to see whatever else we do in this class.

DAC 308: Cinematic Art and Practice

This is a class I wasn’t actually that excited for – and it sounds pretty similar to DAC 202 as it currently stands. We’ve only had one class, and from what I’ve gathered, we’re doing basics of filming/framing/videography again (DAC 202), and then going into groups (DAC 202), where we will write, direct, film, and edit a short film (DAC 202). Regardless, it’s always fun to join up and make a movie, although it often makes me want to tear my hair out by the end.

ENGL 408C: The Rhetoric of Digital Design: Theory and Practice

I’ve been looking forward to this course since FIRST year, and I can’t believe I’ve finally reached a point where I have all the pre-requisites, AND it’s being offered. I’ve had O’Gorman before, so it’s always nice to have a professor who you’re familiar with the style of and his lecture/reading styles as well. This course though, has been AWESOME and it’s only been day 1. We went over the extremely, extremely full syllabus and it includes going to the Critical Media Lab in Kitchener to try out things, learning how to program an Audino, working with electronics like LED lights and PCB boards, and overall, it just sounds like an absolutely fantastic course. As with previous O’Gorman classes, we had to create a blog for our group. You can check out the first class as well as future things we do at Our Leaderless Movement. The title sounds pretty anarchy-esque, but it’s pulled from Chellis Glendinning’s Notes Toward a Neo-Ludite Manifesto, which reads, “…a leaderless movement of passive resistance to consumerism.”

Overall, all my courses sounds super interested (as I should hope they would be in my final term!) so here goes! FINAL TERM.


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