UI/UX of a Water Dispenser

So I had promised to actually write a mini series about UI and UX, which means that I need multiple posts. Haha. Here’s a short post, but a post nonetheless!

We’re going to talk about physical UX UI today simply because that’s what I have ready.


What you see here is my work’s water machine – it drives me nuts. I use it everyday, and everyday, I press the wrong buttons. 😦

From left to right, the biggest button dispenses freezing ice water, the red dispenses boiling water, and the last one is ambient temperature water.

Couple problems here – first, the way the buttons work. The two smaller buttons require you to hold them down until the light in front of them starts blinking, and then you have to press the big button to actually dispense the water. This seems pretty backwards considering they’re already buttons which could be held down to dispense water, but for whatever reason, they’re not. They’re simply for changing the temperature.

Second, the ‘default’ water (which is the biggest button) is freezing, ice cold water. Although it seems like most people like to drink ice cold water, it is also weird that the freezing water is the default, and then you press buttons (taking an extra step) in order to get boiling or ambient (which btw, is their word for it) water.

Third, I couldn’t actually figure out how to use the ambient water until I read the instructions on top of the machine which seems like a flawed system, especially because the instructions are wearing out.

All in all, I give this a 1 / 5 water machines. The buttons are pretty big and chewy (and kind of fun to press), but the default water is the wrong temperature, the usage of the buttons are weird, and having to read the instructions to use it seems silly.


What do you think?

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